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Art McAllister

Art McAllister has a career in the music industry spanning almost 20 years before accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior in 1996.

Inspired by  his godfather, famed jazz trumpeter Louis Armstrong and his father, top 40 songwriter, James “Smokey” McAllister, Art has an extensive background in music, having to his credit being the bandleader for vocalist, Lenny Williams ( formerly of Tower of Power ) and Rebbie Jackson, Michael Jackson’s eldest sibling. During his years in the secular recording industry Art was signed on to EMI Music Publishing where he worked on staff for 4 years as a developing writer/producer.  

No novice to writing, recording and production, Art has spent a considerable amount of time in and around the Hollywood music scene and has been on recording sessions with Stevie Wonder , Marvin Gaye and many other well-known  writers, artist and producers.

However it was the pressures of the music industry and the lifestyle associated with it that put Art on a pathway of drugs which in turn led him to addiction, homelessness and eventually prison. 

Much more than a story of a hit and miss prison conversion, Art ‘s life was dramatically changed by a divine encounter  with the Risen Christ and behind those prison walls, by the Power of God, his life was restored as well as his passion for music. This time however, Art’s music  was fueled by a thirst and desire to seek the lost at any cost and to tell others about the Power of God in Christ to Save, Deliver and Set Free all those who, in faith believing  call upon The Name of Jesus  


Born again in 1996, Art now an ordained minister, evangelist, psalmist has been doing just that. Heeding the call of God to go ye into the world, Art has taken his ministry into numerous prisons, juvenile detention centers and homeless shelters.  A Graduate of Lifeline International School of Ministry, God has also taken Art to unforeseen heights, traveling across the nation and around the world to England and Malaysia, ministering both in music and the Word of God, while allowing himself to be used of God as a vessel as The Lord allows.

Art’s music reaches across all ages, racial boundaries and ethnicities. The lyrics to all of his songs are infused with the Word of God and leave no doubt of his love of Jesus and his passion for the Word.  

 “The way I see it”, says Art, music is often cited as the most powerful force on earth for bringing people together.  As believers in Christ, we also know that there is nothing more powerful than the Word of God. Therefore when the two are combined under the power of the anointing through prayer… the result should be music that does more than entertain, but to the contrary ushers in The Spirit of God. Christian music should be music which is based on the Word of God that brings healing, sets people free, delivers and brings comfort. “In my opinion”, he says, “Gospel music should be music that cuts into the heart and prompts within the listener to desire a closer walk with Jesus”.  “As far as I’m concerned” says Art, “if my music does not do at least some or preferably all of those things, then I’m not fulfilling the Call of God on my life.”

Those are very heartfelt words from a man once beaten and broken, now restored by God, who could have easily gone back into the Hollywood world of glitter, glamour and fame to pursue that path again but instead chose to follow Jesus and in so doing to touch as many lives as possible.

Now that you know a little about the man, it is our prayer that you take a little time to explore the music and like so many have done, be blessed in the listening. 



Gospel One Ministries



Gospel One is the ministry of Art McAllister

The idea of Gospel One Ministries is simple and that is to deliver "a message to set the captives free" based upon Isaiah 61:1, in accordance with Mark 16:15, to go ye into all the world, to inspire and challenge men and women from all walks of life to take their rightful places in their homes, communities and places of worship by faith in The Love of God through The Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Since 1998 the ministry had become known for a unique style of scriptural based music and emerged as a prophetic voice in gospel music with the sole purpose of encouraging, building and comforting the listener through The Word of Life in song, testimony, exhortation and teaching. 

Gospel One Ministries had it's inception while Art was an inmate on a California State prison "One" yard, hence the name Gospel One.

He says, the songs which God gave me in prison, which are now the "No Easy Road" CD, were the first songs I ever wrote for the Lord. When God gave me those songs it was then that I realized being a psalmist was something I was born to do and it was the calling God had on my life which I had been running from all those years.

In 1998, after his release from prison, Art joined Calvary Baptist Church of Pacoima, CA, under the leadership of Apostle William T Broadous. At Calvary Baptist Art was in both the combined choir and the men's chorus as a key vocalist.

During those days, Art recorded the "No Easy Road" CD and shortly thereafter re-formed a group similar to the group he had in prison, bringing together 4 other men with similar testimonies as his own, each having been saved, set free and delivered from drugs, backwards living and prison. Out of that came the CD entitled "Redeemed"

Though his ministry is still known as Gospel One, Art now ministers on his own as an evangelist, preacher and teacher. "Saved to Praise" is his most recent project and he has plans for more music projects in the near future as well as plans for writing a book.