Saved to Praise

by Art McAllister

Released 2014
Gospel One
Released 2014
Gospel One
With percolating rhythms, smooth harmonies, meditative melodies and an unwavering reverence for Christ Jesus, this body of work helps us to answer the age old question of all human history, "why am I here?" telling us We Were "Saved to Praise Jesus"
All of Creation was made to glorify God, the trees, plants and flowers, the birds, insects and animals, the oceans, rivers, lakes and waterfalls everything that was made glorifies God and reflects some aspect of God’s Character in some way. The lion with His mane and his strength, the horse with its speed and courage, the majesty of the mountains, the power, serenity and strength of the ocean, the eagle with its vision and its ability to soar above the storm, the ant and the bumble bee with their diligence and ingenuity etc, etc.
But how do we as human beings glorify God?  Obviously through the way we live but in addition to the way we live God has uniquely created humankind with the ability to speak, to verbalize and communicate through words and to use our words to Glorify Him, to Praise Him and moreover unlike the rest of Creation we alone were given a choice to do it or not, in other words birds have to sing, lions have to roar, all of Creation does what it does because it has no choice to do otherwise!
It is my deepest hope that through this project many more people become aware of this the most profound and most important choice that sits before each of us, a choice that many more people would become more inclined to make through simply knowing this one very important thing…
We Were Saved to Praise Him

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