No Easy Road

by Art McAllister & Gospel One

Released 2003
Gospel One Records
Released 2003
Gospel One Records
The CD that started it all and a favorite of many Gospel One fans. The songs on this CD were written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit behind prison walls where Gospel One had its beginnings.
Art McAllister & Gospel One began as the music ministry on the One Yard of Calipatria State Prison in California, hence the name Gospel One. While there, Within an eight month period, Art had developed a repertoire of 30 or more songs. This CD, "No Easy Road", consists of some of those songs.
Behind those prison walls they witnessed and countless men gave way to the Holy Spirit. They became a symbol of what was positive in the prison. God moved upon the warden and staff of the prison to allow them special passes to minister at churches outside the gates of the prison. They made videos, gave special events and church services. Only the power of God could inspire, or achieve the things Gospel One was experiencing.
Art left prison with the fullness of the Lord and the vision of Gospel One within. Now Art, by the leading of God's Holy Spirit is reaching higher heights in the Lord while continuing in Gospel One's mission of taking hope unto the lost through both song, teaching and speaking engagements in accordance with the ministry's foundation scriptures, Isaiah 61:1 and Mark 16:15. Whether within the context of the group or individually,this ministry, by the grace of God, is carrying on in the work of Kingdom building.
Since 1998 he has remained committed to outreach ministry in prisons, jails, juvenile correctional facilities, rehabs and homeless shelters.
Gospel One has been recognized and supported by Victory Outreach, Prison Fellowship Ministries and many others for continued commitment to the Lords work. You too can now play a part through intercessory prayer and through your CD purchases.
There is "No Easy Road" but our burdens our made light through the Love of Jesus!

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