More Precious Than Silver (Radio Mix)

by Art McAllister

Released 2016
Gospel One Records
Released 2016
Gospel One Records
Another love ballad to Jesus from Art McAllister. A finely textured track knitted together with silky smooth musical and vocal arrangements, truly anointed contemporary gospel music that touches the heart and soul.
Art has the ability to write Gospel music that appeals to believers and more importantly draws unbelievers into wanting to know more about Jesus. His music is uniquely sophisticated, with smooth vocal harmonies and finely arranged musical productions that draw the listener into a heartfelt experience rarely found in new artists. His sound can be described as Contemporary Gospel with a twist of jazz,a touch of traditional gospel and a hint of old school flavor RNB, slightly reminiscent of the Motown sound of the 70's.
Art approaches gospel music in a new fresh way, and takes the conceptual approach to each of his CD projects with the idea of taking the listener on a themed based musical journey with each song capturing and painting it's own unique perspective and musical palette.
Though a new artist to many listeners, Art's background and experience is considerable as his path to Jesus and Christian music was preceded by an extensive background in the music industry including 4 years as a staff songwriter for EMI Music, several Billboard charted singles and music director for a couple of major recording artists and time well spent honing his craft in numerous Hollywood recording sessions with major recording industry giants such as Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye.
At 5 years of age Art's dad, Smokey McAllister, a Billboard Top 40 songwriter ( I CAN'T STAND IT, GOOD TIME TONIGHT) placed him in front of piano and at 9 years of age Art's godfather, famed jazz trumpeter Louis Satchmo Armstrong encouraged him to practice, hone his craft and develop his innate musical abilities.
Fortunately for we, the listeners who enjoy hearing music about Jesus, Art is completely committed to his calling as a Psalmist, Evangelist, Preacher and Teacher and all of the above comes through in his music.
Now that you know a little about Art we hope you will be encouraged to sit back, relax and enjoy the ministry of Art McAllister

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