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 Isaiah 61:1 ....a message to set the captives free

From it's inception behind prison walls, God has been using Gospel One to minister a message of hope through the Gospel of Christ

Gospel One is the ministry of Art McAllister. Art is first and foremost a servant of the Lord, serving as a psalmist, evangelist, worship leader and teacher.
Since 1998, Art has been invited to participate in numerous church services and special events. 

There is a prophetic anointing on Art's music that gives his ministry a distinct difference and sets him apart from many other music ministries. Not one to go out of his way to impress, his combined ministry of music and preaching has never failed to make an impression in the lives of countless people whom once having experienced it, walk away with the realization that they have been touched, comforted, edified and moved by the power of God to a closer walk with Jesus.  

Through it all Art is quick to give All Glory, Honor and Praise to God and is graciously humbled to be used by God to be a blessing to many.

From praise and worship, to special music to altar call, whether called upon for an entire service of music or music combined with preaching and teaching, Art counts it a blessing whenever God  places this ministry upon your heart.

                            Say's Art, "I sincerely thank every pastor,  every congregation, chaplain and event coordinator who has ever opened their doors to my ministry. I thank you for allowing me to be a part of and share in your worship experience.

 My wife Julia and I both enjoy the fellowship we share with so many of you and look forward to visiting you in the days weeks and years to come." 

 Art who writes, performs and produces all of the music on his CD projects, is a serious recording artist in every respect stemming from an extensive background in the secular music industry. Today however his number one priority is ministering the Gospel Of Christ Jesus through singing, preaching and teaching. 

In that regard there is never a charge or fee for sanctuary services or ministry events where there is no entrance fee or tickets sold. 

Art says, "people often ask me how much do I charge to minister but I never state a price because I know that the Gospel is priceless, Salvation is Free and God alone has paid the cost for all of us so I am confident in His ability to add provision to my ministry and all those who are faithful to do His Work". "Besides that", He says," when I was lost in darkness, struggling with addiction and homelessness for 6 years, I had nothing to give God but my broken pieces. It was in 1996 while I was behind prison walls when I freely received the New Life in Christ Jesus had given to me."

"Now", says Art," I believe it is my reasonable service to God and His people to give back as much as I can out of the abundance of life God has freely given to me and my wife Julia and I sincerely believe that we have been blessed to be a blessing.

Perhaps this Kingdom building attitude is what has added to Art's longevity and the continued growth of his ministry. We invite you too to experience the ministry of Art McAllister.

Both Art and his lovely wife Julia look forward to fellowshipping and worshiping with you in the near future.







Thanks for taking this time to visit our site and to God Be All The Glory!

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